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I'm originally from Southern California.  I grew up in a great town called Westlake Village just north of L.A. at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains.  I graduated from UCLA and lived in Santa Monica for several years.  I moved to the Bay Area in 1998 and have lived on the peninsula since I got here.  
I'm an avid Mountain Biker and I also enjoy Golf and Tennis with my wife Noreen.  Shortly after I moved to Belmont I saw some people building new trails in Waterdog Lake Open Space.  I said "that looks fun and I plan to use these trails for years, I'm gonna help out."  I got to spend a couple of years working for a non-profit leading large scale volunteer trail building and maintenance projects until the economy dried up our funding.   I'm back to working in the retail display design and production field. I've been a Park and Recreation Commisioner in Belmont for 3 1/2 years.  This season I've taken over the volunteer coordinator role for trail work and maintenance in Watergog Lake.  Its very rewarding to get out with other volunteers and have a positive aspect on this beautiful open space we are so lucky to have in our community.
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