No Need to Pack Those PB&J's

Kid Chow, the new lunch vendor for the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District provides students with high quality, locally sourced meals.

It's Friday, so that means it's grilled ham and cheese day, or, no, wait, it might be Buffalo wings day, or perhaps all-natural corn dog day-- each with a side of organic apples, veggie medley and some trail mix.

All three are possible options as part of the new Kid Chow lunch program in the .

The husband and wife team of Rob and Jamie Feuerman, founders of Kid Chow, were selected as the new providers of healthy, locally sourced hot and cold lunches for the kids in all seven schools in the district.

On Tuesday, the day before school started, Kid Chow had a table of sample meals set up at several schools.

"We follow the USDA standards as part of the program," said Rob Feuerman from his table at orientation day on Tuesday.

"We offer a good variety--every lunch includes a fruit, veggie, and a main entree that consists of a grain and a protein. Our lunches meet the new USDA standards and adhere to the National School Lunch Program," said Feuerman.

"The program is designed in a unique way," explained Feuerman.

"We found that the schools had two challenges: long lines and ordering. We wanted to be sure parents could see ahead of time exactly what their kids would be served, so they can order online. We hand-pack each bag individually---whether the student is getting a hot or cold lunch. Each brown bag has the student's name on it. "

On Wednesday's, which are minimum days, cold lunch options are available.

Feuerman explained that since each lunch bag is hand-packed and labeled with the student's name, it avoids long lines and confusion.

"The student knows exactly which bag is his or hers," said Feuerman.

Feuerman had displays of various lunch items, which caught the eye of several students---most came by his table with parents, who were pleased to see large helpings of carrots, bananas and other assorted healthy options.

Kid Chow also provides lunches to in Belmont and the San Carlos School District.

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Linda August 31, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Many thanks to whichever committee put the time and thought into switching to this vendor. My kids both ate Kid Chow yesterday and gave it the thumbs-up! I am impressed with the huge selection and the ability to customize sides, dips, snacks and beverages. This is great for the kids and will mean a lot less wasted food going into the trash.
Lisa Rothstein September 10, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Thanks to Sam for coming to Central's Welcome Back Check-in and introducing Kid Chow to our school!


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