Carlmont High Girls Softball Player Amelia Gerolymatos

Preview of senior softball captain

Athlete: Amelia Gerolymatos

Grade: 12

School: Carlmont High School

Sport: Softball 

Q:  How long have you played softballl? How many years competitively?

A: I've been playing softball for 10 years, eight years competitively. 

Q: Do you want to play softball in college? If yes, have you been offered any scholarships? 

A:  I would love to play softball in college. I've been sent a few applications and have gotten a few calls from two colleges.

Q: Do you play any sports besides softball? If yes, which ones and how long have you played them? 

A: Nope, I only play softball.

Q: Why do you love playing softball? 

A: Because I love how it's more than just hitting a ball with a bat, it takes so much hard work to be able to do that consistently. And I can't really explain it, I just love it. 

Q: What motivates you to keep playing softball?

A: Just my drive and love for the game.

Q: What is your worst injury related to softball?

A: I got a black eye and a concussion from a fly ball that my coach over hit, and missed the girl who was supposed to catch it as I was running back in line. I couldn't play for a month. 

Q: What has been your greatest victory while playing softball?

A: When I was 12, I saved a line drive and caught it to end the top of the inning, then in the bottom of the inning, I hit the game-winning single to take us to the championship, which we won. 

Q: Do you enjoy playing a sport for Carlmont? 

A:  I love playing for Carlmont because my coaches are so dedicated to our team, and it feels great to be representing a known school.

Q: Do you have a specific person or teammate who motivates you to keep playing? 

A: I've always motivated myself to keep playing, and had to convince my parents to let me continue playing. 

Q: Do you play on an outside competitive softball team outside of school?

A: In the past I have played with other teams outside Carlmont, but this summer I'm going to Costa Rica to help preserve the wildlife. I'll definitely be practicing over the summer, though. 

Q: Have you played Carlmont softball since your freshmen year?

A: I started playing softball for Carlmont sophomore year. I unfortunately didn't make the team my freshman year, but I practiced hard with my travel team, and am now a captain of the varsity team.


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