The Way We Were

Tales of my youth and yours too...we hope.

If you don't think the way we were was any different than the way we are...Back in 1952, the headline for one Glendale (CA) News Press was:  WEATHERMAN SEES CLOUDS.  

My head was in the clouds too, a certain girl said she like me.  I happened to be crazy about that certain girl too.  This did not bode well for J.J Hamilton, who was my News Press supervisor. Everyday, but Sunday, he would stop in front of my house and drop my bundle of papers. 

The day I was so in love was the same day I finished my paper route and found I was eight papers short. I called Mr. Hamilton and told him. He got up from his dinner and drove by and gave me eight papers.  The next day, I went into the shed behind the garage and found eight newspapers.  I never told him. 

Bonnie and I went steady for a whole week and then she gave me back the ring I had given her to wear around her neck.  I was devestated, that ring cost about two dollars and had a lovely horsehoe on it.

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ROBERT E. FISHBACK January 31, 2013 at 08:03 PM
One year after our camping trip to Monument Valley, Blythe passed away peacefully in her sleep. I remembered her request to be cremated and her ashes sprinkled at our last camp. A place where we swam...slogged through the rain..froze..warmed by the fire.and danced..I arrived at that same cave with her ashes in an urn. I looked up the draw where we walked together...No one had discovered our cave...our footprints still in the sand..the sound of her voice echoing from the walls. Even the ashes from our fire were still there. It was a little too much..too filled with emptiness and an eternal sadness..I looked down into the urn and there she was..the sum total of all that made me feel whole..grey ashes..ok..lets get it done. I flung her ashes out onto the sandy floor and as I did..something came to me and I said it out loud: TO SEE THE WORLD IN A GRAIN OF SAND, AND HEAVEN IN EVERY FLOWER.....TO HOLD IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND AND ETERNITY IN EVERY HOUR....
ROBERT E. FISHBACK January 31, 2013 at 08:16 PM
Blythe passed away peacefull in her sleep about one year after our last camping trip. Non Hodgkins B cell Lymphoma. Per her request,she was cremated and I took her ashes to our last camp. No one had been there since we were there...Her foot prints still in the sand and ashes from our fire....this is where we walked, this where we swam....I spread her ashes out on the sandy floor and this came to me and I said it out loud: TO SEE A WORLD IN A GRAIN OF SAND.....AND HEAVEN IN EVERY FLOWER....TO HOLD ETERNITY IN YOUR HAND...AND ETERNITY IN EVERY HOUR....
ROBERT E. FISHBACK February 01, 2013 at 04:38 AM
As you can tell, I am old and worn out...Before I move on to other things and finish some of my stories. I have to tell you about Blythe....She passed away in peace in her sleep one year after our last camping trip. In honor of her wishes, I took her ashes to our cave,and as I looked into the urn...just grey ashes...no smile..no touch of her hand...none of her laughter....something was missing...As I scattered her ashes, I could see her running, laughing, swimming...talking on our veranda....her old 48 Pontiac which she adored and would not let even me drive. As I flung the ashes, something came to me and I said it out loud: TO SEE A WORLD IN A GRAIN OF SAND....HEAVEN IN A WILD FLOWER...TO HOLD IN YOUR HAND ETERNITY...CONTAINED IN JUST ONE HOUR....The cave was so protected from human invasion and the elements..Her footprints still there, as well as the ashes of our last campfire. I must come here often..to commune...maybe try to find the bottom of the lake we swam in....Maybe its a dream..she will come running to me from Heavens Rim...and say....Thank You for such a lovely time..
ROBERT E. FISHBACK February 01, 2013 at 05:14 AM
going back to 53....
ROBERT E. FISHBACK February 01, 2013 at 05:17 AM
ed .....dupes on above pls delete two thx b


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