Woodside Offered $11.65 Million to Change Name to 'SugarDaddie.com'

Nearly $12 million could do a lot of good for the town - but is it worth it? You tell us.

Robert’s of SugarDaddie.com? Hmmm. Somehow that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Woodside, home to billionaires and multi-millionaires, was offered nearly $12 million to change its name to SugarDaddie.com, courtesy of the online dating site, for the next 10 years.

While the town didn’t go for it, at least the company got what it wanted - free publicity.

Woodside Councilman Ron Romines told the San Jose Mercury-News he was ready to make a personal deal, though.

"I don't think Woodside can be bought so cheaply," he joked, "but I will offer to change my name for that sum of money."

What do you think - should the town agree to change its name to SugarDaddie.com, given all the good $12 million could do to fix roads, benefit schools, and more? How about a street, avenue, court or apartment building?

Or - your entire family? Would you change your last name to SugarDaddie.com for $12 million? How about for $1 million?

Reportedly, the Woodside Town Council will be discussing the issue again at its meeting on March 12.

See the above video by SugarDaddie.com of what Woodside might look like if it was re-named courtesy of the dating site.

Tell us your thoughts on the 'indecent proposal' in the comments below.

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