San Carlos Mayor Resigns

Vice-Mayor Matt Grocott to take over as mayor for Andy Klein who resigned Wednesday.


Mayor Andy Klein resigned from the City Council earlier today after sending a letter to City Manager Jeff Maltbe announcing his departure.

Klein's letter said he and his wife had decided to end their marriage, a loss he needed time to cope with.

"While juggling my personal and public life I have not afforded myself the time and care to appropriately cope with this loss," wrote Klein.

Vice-Mayor Matt Grocott will assume Klein's duties as Mayor. Grocott has been served before as the Mayor of San Carlos. The city will meet to decide how to fill the seat left by Klein's resignation. 

The city went through a similar process last year after then Mayor Omar Ahmad passed away. Klein, who was the Vice-Mayor at the time, took over Ahmad's term, and the Council held interviews which resulted in the appointment of Brad Lewis to the council. 

November elections saw the exit of Randy Royce and the introduction of Mark Olbert and Ron Collins to the council. With Royce's loss in the election, Ahmad's passing, and now Klein's resignation, the council has seen a drastic shift in its foundation in just under a year. 

Elected to a four-year term in November of 2009, Klein replaced the late-Mayor Omar Ahmad, who died suddenly on May 10 of last year. Klein completed Ahmad's term and was then appointed by council in December of last year.

Klein has also served as the Chairman of the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), and the San Carlos Youth Advisory Council during his time attending middle school in San Carlos.

"Serving on the City Council can be a real challenge since it becomes your second job and it is often quite a demanding one," said City Manager Jeff Maltbie. " During the past two years, the San Carlos City Council has dealt with many major issues including changing the way we deliver Police, Fire and Parks Maintenance services, among others, to convert a $3.5 Million structural budget deficit into a balanced budget.

"Speaking on behalf of the City, we acknowledge the many hours of meetings and work that Mayor Klein has given to San Carlos.  We understand the need to put personal and family matters first and wish him the best in his future endeavors."


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