Peninsula Humane Society Celebrates Milestones in 2012

Who can forget the baby squirrels, pelicans and ducklings the Peninsula Humane Society has rescued?

Just because animals are wild doesn't mean they don't need some TLC.

In the past year, the Peninsula Humane Socicety has rescued and rehabilitated more than 1,000 animals at its Center for Compassion, located at 1450 Rollins Road in Burlingame, which opened in September 2011.

Other highlights from the Peninsula Humane Society's annual data -- which celebrates the first full year the new shelter was opened -- include 3,547 animals placed into new homes in 2012.

That number, up from 2011's of 3,381 animals placed into new homes, was released along with other statistics Tuesday.

For the 10th consecutive year, the shelter found new homes for 100 percent of the healthy dogs and cats in its care. 

“Our new center has absolutely transformed the adoption experience for the public,” said PHS/SPCA President Ken White.

“The fact that we were located at Coyote Point for six decades and, in just one year, have been embraced by the community in our new home and placed even more animals makes us feel proud and grateful for the community’s support,” he said.

Cats accounted for 1,704 adoptions and dogs, 1,210 adoptions in 2012. Small domestic animals including rabbits, pet birds, guinea pigs, rats and reptiles accounted for the remaining 633 adoptions.

Other year-end highlights:

  • More than 6,000 spay/neuter surgeries performed at the shelter’s low-cost clinic plus an additional 700+ on the shelter’s mobile clinic which provides free “fixes” in targeted communities.
  • 1,048 wild animals rehabilitated at PHS/SPCA, then returned to their natural habitats, including  squirrels, ducklings and goslings.
  • Four classes of dogs graduated from the TAILS program, a partnership between the PHS/SPCA and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office which pairs dogs with inmates in a minimum security facility for eight weeks.
  • PHS/SPCA rescued more than 1,000 animals from harm’s way, including dogs stuck in traffic, down horses, ducks trapped in storm drains, deer snared in fencing.
  • 161,180 volunteer hours
  • A few thousand children received our important messages through shelter tours, Animal Camp, classroom presentations and other programs.
  • More than $400,000 in gross sales from the shelter’s secondhand store, Pick of the Litter, on Chula Vista Ave, in Burlingame.

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