Commission Update: Committee Appointed to Help Redesign Park

Highlights from the January meetings of the city's citizen-appointed boards.

Now that the city has begun to move forward with its , plans have also begun to figure out what happens with Earl and Glenview Park, which, along with the neighborhood, was devastated by the 2010 PG&E pipeline explosion.

At the city's Parks and Recreation Commission meeting in January, Chair Stephan Marshall appointed several people from the commission to lead a committee that will assist in getting the park rebuilt. In addition to Marshall, commissioners Lucy Zamattia and Dave Nigel will sit on the committee.

While no discussions have yet taken place about how the park will be redesigned, the committee is expected to work with city staff and concerned residents in the coming months to work on designing the park's features.

A similar process was used before when the playground equipment was installed at , according to the city staff report.

The Culture and Arts Commission is in the process of launching an art exhibit at the library. The commission has just started developing a plan for how to solicit artists for the exhibit. There will be an application process, and it should take about six months for the project to get off the ground, said John Alita, the assistant library director who is the city liaison to the commission.

Also, the Planning Commission has new leadership for the year. Commissioner Sujendra Mishra was appointed the new chair for the commission, while Rick Biasotti was appointed vice chair. The commissioners rotate the positions every year.

Alfonso Esqueda February 07, 2012 at 12:39 AM
If PG&E was smart they would take the plans for Measure "O" and make them happen. Rebuild our playing fields at our parks and schools. Rebuild us ne REC Center and how about a new Olympic Size Indoor swimming pool. PG&E should seriously consider hiring me as thier new PR guy. I will turn your negative into a positive!
Martin Ricard February 07, 2012 at 04:16 AM
Those are all good ideas. However, we all know that PG&E has a PR machine of its own. And they would probably find a number of ways to say that those projects aren't related to the pipeline explosion and, therefore, wouldn't qualify for PG&E's assistance to the city. That being said, I wonder what would happen if you put together that proposal and sent it off to PG&E (Or has any city or school official done that already?)? How do you think they would respond?
Janet Arline Barker February 07, 2012 at 05:15 AM
I'd be interested in being a participating artist for this art exhibit at the library. Plus, the process could be something like the artist in residence programs, where a selected artist paints or creates art for the project (some domated and some offered for sale by artist), along with teaching and public programs related to the nature and related art of the area.


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