Carpenter Invites Residents to Call Him With Questions

He is seeking a return to the Board of Selectmen.

Windham Patch caught up with Alan Carpenter last evening after his plane landed in Dallas for a business trip.

Carpenter threw his hat into the ring yesterday to run for selectman, filling a vacancy left by departing Chairman Bruce Breton who will not seek another term on the board due to recent health concerns

"I decided last spring to run," Carpenter said. "I've received a lot of support from family and fellow residents."

Carpenter, who has lived with his family in Windham since 1998, has served two previous terms on the Board of Selectmen along with one term on the town's Planning Board.

He decided not to seek a third term as selectman four years ago to be able to spend more time with his two children who are now students at Windham High School.

"To be fiscally responsible is foremost," Carpenter said. "We have great opportunities with the construction on Interstate 93 and Route 111 finally coming to a close. We'll have a terrific resource with the Gateway District in getting businesses that we want to be in here." 

Last week, Windham businessman and former School Board member Al Letizio Jr. announced his candidacy. 

“I am very happy that we do not have a race with someone being unopposed,” said resident Barbara Coish. She said she would wait until filing is closed before making any comment on whom she would support.

"After all the vitriol during elections last year, I decided to run," Carpenter said. "What political party someone belongs to has no place in local elections."

Carpenter said he served alongside Roger Hoenberger for six years and never knew if he was a Democrat or a Republican.

“My wife and I are supporting Alan,” resident Tom Case said. “We have known him for a long time and feel that he should be the next selectman.” 

Case added that Carpenter’s last two terms as selectman were without controversy.

“He is involved with many other aspects of the town of Windham like the Windmill at the High School and its organization Windham Initiative for Renewable Energy, and efforts to acquire Moeckel Pond for the town of Windham,” Case added. “He is a person who will look at both sides of an issue. He doesn't put partisan politics into his decision. His family is also involved in town affairs, as are we, which shows a total commitment to Windham.”

Carpenter said he has a request for the voters.

"If you want to know something, reach out and ask me,” he said. “Or, look at how I served you in the past as a selectman."

Carpenter can be reached at 537-0907.

Alan Carpenter January 30, 2013 at 02:37 PM
Charlie, Too often people are provided information regarding candidates and their views and opinions through rumor and innuendo. My invitation to call me is simply to provide our community with an avenue to not only ask me questions directly, but to allow me an opportunity to hear their views and opinions. Aditionally, not everyone is comfortable posting in public forums. Some people would prefer a more private, personal conversation. My objective is to be as open and honest with our community as possible. This is somehing I have always strived for and frankly, something our elections have been missing for the last few years. Sincerely, Alan Carpenter
Alan Carpenter January 30, 2013 at 02:49 PM
Charlie, The Gateway District primarily encompasses the area surrounding the Exit 3 interchange and Route 111. When these exit ramps and the new Range Road near completion, businesses will be eagerly pursuing these opportunities. Ideally, the types of businesses that settle here should fall into one of two categories. The first would be those that serve the motorists traveling the I-93/Route 111 corridor. These would include gas stations, restaurants and maybe even a mid-range hotel, such as a “Fairfield Inn”. The second are businesses that would provide additional services to our community, such as small retail locations similar to the new one that is nearing construction across from McDonalds. The worst case scenario is to have large format retail stores consume these properties as they would only increase our local traffic and fail to generate any net-positive tax revenue. One note – the types of business that settle here will primarily be determined by our zoning ordinances, which are the purview of the Windham Planning Board and our voters.
Alan Carpenter January 30, 2013 at 02:52 PM
Lisa, I appreciate your input and respect your position. My only ask is that you keep an open mind and give me, and any other candidates, an opportunity share our views and perspectives with you.
Alan Carpenter January 30, 2013 at 02:52 PM
Charlie, I am sorry I was not able to reply to you yesterday, I was traveling for work and got caught in those thunderstorms that were rolling through the mid-west last evening. I will seek to answer each of your questions under each comment you posted above. Thank you for asking, Alan
One Man Wolf Pack March 02, 2013 at 01:02 PM
I have lots of questions Al, why don't you start by answering the ones on the following patch article. http://windham.patch.com/announcements/fiscally-conservative


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