Anderson Looking Ahead to New SAU 95

The longest tenured Windham School Board member filed for re-election this week.

Dr. Bruce Anderson made sure to stop by the school district office Wednesday to file for his candidacy on the School Board before he left town for business, he said by phone yesterday.

Anderson, who has served consecutively on the school board since 2004, will seek re-election. His current term is set to expire in March.

He served as board chairman for four one-year terms and three as vice chairman.

“I’m the only one left on the board who served when the bond was passed for the new high school (in 2005),” he said. Windham High School opened in 2009.

Anderson said his experience with the high school construction would serve the board well “when” the new middle school is built.

“Notice I said ‘when,’ not ‘if,’” he added.

A $31 million bond will go to voters March 12 at Town Meeting to build a new seventh and eighth grade middle school on London Bridge Road. Included in this bond is $1.9 million for a new multi-purpose turf and field complex at Windham High School.

“Our biggest problem is overcrowding,” Anderson said. “We are 700 students over capacity.”

He said once the new athletic fields are in place, the high school could enjoy a long awaited sports track.

He also added having a new superintendent and the new SAU 95 will bring changes to the district that he is looking forward to during the upcoming term.

“We will have to do this in a fiscally responsible way, of course,” Anderson said. “But putting expansions on existing structures just won’t work anymore.”

Resident Kevin Lefebvre said he has only lived in town for one year, but from what he has seen, “(Anderson) is very passionate that we need a new middle school.”

“At the last meeting, he was quite upset that we, as a community, has allowed our science labs in the middle school to be taught with a hot plate and eight kids around it,” Lefebvre said.  “What he said is that this is not an experiment but a demonstration done by one or two students and the rest watch (or talk to each other.)”

The opening on the board is the only one available on the school side after both Mike Joanis and Dr. Jerome Rekart came to the board in 2012 and Michelle Farrell and Stephanie Wimmer in 2011.

"It does not surprise me that Bruce wishes to serve another term,” said former School Board member Barbara Coish. “It will make me very happy to see more names on the ballot than just one. No candidate should run unopposed." 

Residents can file at the SAU 28 office located on Haverhill Road. The deadline is Feb. 1.

Danyelle Stuckart February 02, 2013 at 07:42 PM
I don't understand why someone would come in, spread negative commentary, and not even be a Windham resident with a vote in any of this! Enough already.
Jane Aitken February 02, 2013 at 07:56 PM
@Danyelle: So I assume this means you also mind top-down regionalism (which you just let pass here), or groups from outside of the STATE or even COUNTRY (feds, IB) coming in to run your schools?
Jay February 07, 2013 at 12:26 PM
@GrassIsGreener, I was just reading that the actual classroom count in WMS is 31 and we have over 40 teachers working in the building. So I'd disagree with your math of: 644 students / 19 classrooms. Shouldn't it be 644 students / 31 classrooms and 644 students / 40 teachers. The ratios are quite different. Why are we portraying that there will be 34 students per classroom at the WMS it really is an outright lie!
Jay February 07, 2013 at 12:28 PM
Thank you Heather! I saw it and responded.
GrassisGreener February 07, 2013 at 02:36 PM
@Jay, Reread and comprehend what I was suggesting in that hypothetical example. The only reason you have 31 Classrooms is because you've turned all of the Specialty Rooms into Educational Rooms. Since you're not much into hypothetical examples, please tell me how this is a good learning environment for the kids in the Windham Schools: * Using 1/2 the Media Center as a Classroom * Eliminated Math Success * All Unified Arts at GBS and WCS are on carts * 6th and 7th Spanish is on a cart * 6th, 7th and 8th French is on a cart * Health is on a cart * Art is on a cart * Music Appreciation is on a cart * Integrated Language Skills is on a cart * 6th Spanish will be on a cart next year Yes, we have ample space in our Schools to provide a 21st Century curriculum (sarcasm).


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