Recology poor service level

I am irritated by the service level of the Recology trash pickup process.  Their truck drivers are doing a very poor job of placing the containers back onto the curb locations after emptying.  I frequently find my trash containers on their side, in the middle of the street, causing a traffic and safety concern as well as an eyesore. Their truck operators need some more training and supervising.  They also have not picked up discarded Christmas tees this week all over Belmont.  I am rather irritated with their service level.  It is questionable and our rates have tripled since we switched to Recology.  I know the city is responsible for most of the costs from changing from Allied Waste to Recology, but I am not seeing any benefits.  My trash pickup with Allied Waste was 1/2 the costs of Recology and they used to come up the driveway and empty the cans.  What are we getting for these dramatic cost increases and who is managing Recology's poor service level???
birdy97 January 17, 2014 at 11:08 AM
I agree with this post. I have had to call Recology several times with requests to pick up our christmas tree and now for some unknown reason, they simply did not empty our green waste bin on the regular pick up day. Another phone call!! I am frustrated with the increasingly high rates and low level of service.
Phillip Bailey January 17, 2014 at 05:51 PM
Dave and Birdy make valid points and now I will share I story that I witnessed with my own eyes. I am driving on the Alameda in Belmont last Thurs or Friday South bound around Mezes, Notre Dame Ave but before Coronet etc. Traffic comes to a complete halt because "Reco" is doing their due diligence and actually it is what it is at that point in time. Several drivers make bad choices and go around and most of them are lucky that they negotiated the maneuver. Others like me stayed in line and waited it out. Others in line were very rude and were honking and gesturing. This truck had one employee on it and I had a good view of one tactic he chose to do and it actually made me smile, or rather smirk. All cans are supposed to be left where they found them. This guy must have had enough with all the rude drivers because I watched him WALK said can way back up a STEEP driveway and leave it by the owners back steps, even though he did not have to. Another word to the wise: Unless we live in Mexico City I am positive that most drivers ABUSE the horn, especially females who left their dwellings late and are NOW late for their destination - and every red neck guy I have ever met would also be honking. Leave the horn alone people.
TD January 24, 2014 at 03:52 PM
I, too, am annoyed with Recology. Not only do they leave the cans wherever they'd like, but I also find myself regularly picking up trash out of the street after they've come through. Would it be so hard to keep the streets clean? I never had these issues before Recology.


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