Kidizens: Leveraging Love of LEGOS to Learn Civic Responsibility

 Would you like your love of LEGOs to prepare you for the real world?  Kidizens is a civic and economic enrichment program that uses a model LEGO building environment to bring various real-world concepts to life. Students aged 6-11 build, manage and govern their own LEGO cities in a fun, social learning environment and learn about city governance, economics and leadership. Each city (group of children) is given a huge swath of LEGO land on which to create its own small civilization. The kidizens serve as Mayors, Judges, Sheriffs and in many other roles on the City Council, as well as managing city budgets, enacting laws, and coping with natural disasters and crises. They also interact with other cities and develop strategies to partner/ cooperate on various issues. This highly interactive social learning framework inculcates analytical thinking, strategic problem solving and develops public speaking and leadership skills.  Please visit our website at www.thekidizens.com, call 650-384-0412 or email info@kidzzinc.com for information on classes and scheduling.   Also, stop by our free open house session Wednesday December 18th from 3pm-5-pm to see for yourself what Kidizens has to offer!  


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