Every Move I Make … I’ll be Watching You

One literary mishap highlights a mom’s need for a firm role-modeling reminder.


My eyes welled up with tears watching my first grader’s class sing and dance a rendition of “Every Move I Make.” Arms flailing, hips shaking, the kids were adorable with their toothless smiles and undercover waves to mom and dad in the audience.

At this age, it’s still cool to be in the talent show and it’s still OK to move without rhythm in front of a large group.

The song wasn’t an interpretation of the Police’s popular hit from the 80s as I originally assumed, instead this song is very sweet, with lyrics indicating that every move the child makes is for Jesus.

But in hindsight, I wish that it was the Police song, “Every Breath You Take” that they sung, as it would have been a more appropriate reminder to me that every move I make, my child is watching me…

It all began during an overtired evening last week. While watching Modern Family, I dozed off, putting off my need to go through e-mails and papers and tighten the family calendar as we approach these busy last days of school.

I had opened an e-mail from a good friend, who sent me a very corny message about something she saw in US Weekly (yes, we’re that deep J ). I remember reading it and thinking how I couldn’t forget to respond to it with something snarky.

After waking up on the couch after only about 45 minutes, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and hopped into bed. I set my iPhone alarm for the next day and decided to finally send my harebrained reply to my girlfriend.

And I did, stating “ …  This is the stupidest thing I have ever read in my entire life … so lame.” I fired it off and curled up and fell fast asleep.

The next day after my stiff two cups of coffee and dropping off the kids, I sat down to finally get to that obnoxious stack of papers and e-mails left un-replied.

Instead I experienced something unparalleled that made my heart skip a beat and my laughter uncontrollable.

I had sent what I thought was my e-mail response to my close friend instead to the chair of a board I sit on. The previous night, the chair kindly sent out a meeting reminder. In my state of exhaustion, I must have hit reply to that e-mail instead of the snarky one I hoped to.

Luckily the chair of this board has a wonderful sense of humor, so no harm done. Or so I thought.

In relaying this funny story to a group of friends at my house, it appears I must have a little eavesdropper on the loose.

At a Memorial Day barbecue this weekend while a herd of children were writing notes to one another, my articulate first grader wrote in perfect phrasing, “Dear XX, This is the stupidest thing I have ever read in my entire life. So lame.”

The spelling was perfect and the phrase all too familiar. How long had he been listening to my story that day? When was he listening, and what did he like so much about these words strung together that made them flawlessly re-usable?

This was a staunch reminder that with my three little ones, I have six little eyes and six little ears watching and listening to my every move and phrase. What I do matters so much to these children, as they hope to mirror what I do, believing it is always right. Reminders in role modeling are always helpful for me, as often times, humor takes over and sarcasm reigns.

So let’s hope my first-grader continues to sing his rendition of “Every Move I Make” and follows the great message of this song in all he does. And let’s hope that I repeatedly hear the best song of The Police’s 1983 Synchronicity album in my head, reminding me that with every move I make, my kids are watching me.



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