Op-Ed: San Juan Canyon Supporters Urged to Attend Council Meeting

Belmont resident Jeanette Sacco-Belli is a member of Friends of Open Space.

Dear Belmont Citizens,   

If you are a supporter of Open Space and enjoy the Beautiful San Juan Canyon and wish it to remain undeveloped for generations to come, please show your support by attending the Study Session tonight Jan. 29TH at 7:00PM at the Belmont City Council Chambers, 2nd floor, One Twin Pines Lane, Belmont.

 In November 2009, the City of Belmont bought about 35 acres of property within the San Juan Canyon and has been exploring development options to repay for the purchase by selling street frontage parcels on  Bishop Road and Marsten Avenue.

There is a large group in the community called "Friends of Open Space" who wish to leave the San Juan Canyon free from development. The Council is giving the community an opportunity for discussion on project alternatives. The City as of yet has not explored other venues to pay back their loan other than development. 

Our group "Friends of San Juan Canyon" has been very active in trying to prevent development and will be presenting a variety of our ideas to the Council in order to save the Canyon as Open Space. If the Belmont Hills are as precious to you as they are to us, please come and share your voice.

To view the Belmont City Council agenda, click here.


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