How to Make Halloween Ice Cream Treats [VIDEO]

A Baskin Robbins supervisor shows Patch how to make frosty treats for this Halloween.

This Halloween, have the coolest trick-or-treats on the block. Baskin Robbins supervisor Jamie Smith in San Carlos shows us how it’s done. One lucky North Star Academy student from Redwood City even takes one home.



Scoop of ice cream

Ice cream cone





Ziploc bags,

Cake decorating piping tips


How to:

Scoop your favorite ice cream flavor onto the cookie, which acts as your base.

Flip the cone upside down on the ice cream for the hat.

Follow the cake decorating tip instructions on your box to assemble the piping bag.

The following instructions are used by Baskin Robbins, but you and your kids can decorate your cones however you like.

Pipe the buttercream around the base of the ice cream for the collar.

Pipe two dots on the cone for the hat.

Using the balloon tip, pipe two eyes on the ice cream scoop.

Using the 3 or 4 writing tip, pipe eyes, a nose and a mouth onto the ice cream scoop.

Lastly pipe wisps of hair on top of the cone.


Voila! You’re done. 


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