No Expectations: Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me...

Laziness, Fear, or Sheer Genius?

So I've been at this workout thing for a couple of months now.  You may be wondering how I'm doing.  Do I look any different?  Do I feel any different?  Have I lost any weight?

To be honest, I have no idea.

I purposefully did not weigh myself before starting this, and I have not stepped on the scale since.  To me, weight is a number we have become a slave to.  Our entire outlook rises or falls with the decrease or increase in that number.  I realize this may be easy for me to say.  I am not obese, nor even overweight, at least as far the charts tell me.  So for people who have a lot of weight to lose, of course monitoring that is very important.

But for me, I'm not interested in that so much as improving my overall health.  That means changing the composition of my body -- less fat, more (or at this point, at least some) muscle.  My weight might even go up once I get to where I want to be.

Speaking of where I want to be, I'm really not even that sure what that is.  Now, some would say I'm leaving my goals deliberately vague so I can quit at any time and not consider myself a failure.  To be honest, there is an element of truth to that.  But to me, a goal would give me a finite distance, and I really don't want to think in those terms.

On the one hand, if the goal is too ambitious, the distance might seem too long and I'll give up after I've barely gotten started.  On the other, if I ever made it to the finish line, the race would be over.  I guess I would have to hope the motivation to keep going would be to not fall backward.

So, for now, I'm just following the road to see where it leads.  I guess that's really why I've called these blogs "No Expectations."  I hope that by not putting too much pressure on myself, I'll be able to enjoy the journey enough that, eventually, the journey itself will be the goal.

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