Remembering Steve Jobs: Share Your Thoughts

Perhaps you knew Jobs. Perhaps you saw him once at the grocery store. Perhaps your worked for him. Perhaps you just loved the products he created. If he shaped your life in any way at all, tell us.

He was an inventor and an entrepreneur. He had 317 patents and was worth an estimated $8.3 billion when he died Wednesday. But Steve Jobs's great genius was that of an editor. It was his instinct for knowing what to pare away that made Apple one of the richest companies in the world.

A Buddhist capitalist, he was one of the rare billionaires one wanted to believe when he said it wasn’t about the money. It was about doing “something wonderful.” He did that very well, by most accounts.

In his famous speech to the Stanford University class of 2005, he told the graduates to stay hungry and to stay foolish.

He kept his private life private and only the people closest to him know if he lived what he believed. But for the millions of people across the world who use the tools he designed to live their dreams, it seems likely that Steve Jobs did.

What do you think was Steve Jobs’ most wonderful legacy? Did you know him? Did you ever meet him? Share your memories here.


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