Jimmy's Cafe: New Coffee Shop in Town

Two months after the opening of Jimmy's Cafe, the chef and co-owner says the business is her dream come true.

On the morning of Aug. 4, Jimmy's Cafe opened its doors for the first time. It was Belmont's newest cafe. But it was also something more.

For Miray Akgul, one of the co-owners of Jimmy's Cafe, it was a chance for her to see her dream of cooking and sharing food with others become a reality.

"Ever since I was 13 it was my dream to cook," Miray said. "I wanted to open a place where I could cook and create sandwiches. Last year, my dad asked if I wanted to open a coffee shop and we decided to open this cafe."

When deciding which kinds of foods to serve at Jimmy's Cafe, Miray said she wanted to serve the same kinds of foods she liked serving her family. She wanted the menu to be as organic and as natural as possible.

Jimmy's Cafe serves fair-trade organic coffee; the sandwiches are created with fresh, locally-grown organic produce; the fruit smoothies are concocted with organic fruit; the soup is organic and there is a selection of organic soft drinks. "I wouldn't serve foods that I don't believe in," Miray said.

Miray said she is proud of all the items on the menu, but really likes the selection of sandwiches they serve. She created all the sandwiches and knew she wanted there to be something for everyone. Keeping with her theme of providing lots of healthy choices, three of the eight signature sandwiches on the menu are vegetarian.

The Mediterranean sandwich, which is made with roasted eggplant, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts in minced garlic, vinegar and olive oil, and topped with mozzarella cheese, is the sandwich that customers rave about most, according to Miray.

But that isn't the only item that's quickly become a favorite. Displayed on the counter in a glass cake case, just like the other fresh pastries, are the alfajores cookies. She said the shortbread sandwich cookie filled with dulce de leche have become a favorite of all that try them.

Jimmy's Cafe is in what Miray calls its soft opening period. During its grand opening this fall, there will be additional sandwiches added to the menu. A Turkish breakfast plate will be served as well as Turkish coffee.   

While it has only been open a few months, the cafe is already building a growing group of regulars. Miray said she likes getting to know the people who come in regularly and looks forward to serving them for a long time.

"I want to retire here," she said.

Jimmy's Cafe is located at 1094 Alameda de las Pulgas.

Laurie Roberts Kowalski October 08, 2010 at 04:01 AM
It'd be great to have the location mentioned in the article.
Laura Dudnick October 08, 2010 at 06:04 AM
Thanks, Laurie. There is a map to the right of the story with the cafe's location, but the address has been added to the bottom of the story as well.


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