Jamba Juice Closes at Carlmont Shopping Center

The store is the fifth business to close at the shopping center in two years.

After more than a decade of selling smoothies in Belmont, the Jamba Juice at shut its doors for good on Monday, becoming the fifth business to close in the shopping center in two years.

Carlmont Shopping Center Operations Manager Ivano Pellegrini said on Thursday there has already been some interest in the space formerly occupied by Jamba Juice but a new business hasn't officially signed on.

The reason for the smoothie shop’s departure from Belmont? Not enough profit.

Janice Ruis, a spokeswoman with Jamba Juice, said on Friday it’s never easy to decide whether to close a smoothie location.

“We don’t like to close stores,” she said. “It’s not a light decision.”

She said that while she didn’t know the exact reason for the Belmont store’s closure, when Jamba Juice opts to shut down a location it’s usually due to a lack of profit.

A sign taped to a window at the former Jamba Juice location reads, “This Jamba Juice Location is closed. We look forward to seeing you at our nearby location: Laurelwood, 1230 W. Hillsdale Ave., San Mateo.”

“We’re sorry to see them go,” Pellegrini said. “They’ve been here for more than 10 years.” Pellegrini added the place was a favorite after-school stop for local teens.

Carlmont Shopping Center has seen a number of businesses leave in the past several years, which Pellegrini said is due to a variety of factors. But, he added, despite the rumors floating around the mall, none of the closures were the result of increased rents.

In fact, Pellegrini said he’s tried to accommodate the “Mom and Pop” shops by keeping rent steady. It just happened that the business’ leases ended within a two-year period and business owners chose not to renew them, he said.

Carlmont Pharmacy, a Belmont staple for more than 50 years and the second most recent business to close at the shopping center, cited insurance rates as the reason for its . Carlmont Pharmacy closed at the end of March.

Pellegrini said a Verizon Wireless store will take its place, an agreement that was reached this week.

Other businesses that closed at the Carlmont Shopping Center include a jewlery store that closed about two years ago; , which closed on Dec. 31, 2010; and , which left the Carlmont Center in February but moved to Sixth Avenue in Belmont.

Pellegrini said the Carlmont Shopping Center has been family-owned for the past 50 years. His wife Norine Pellegrini managed the shopping center for 30 years before she passed away in 2002, and Pellegrini credited his wife with giving the shopping center a complete makeover.

“She turned it around,” Pellegrini said of the Carlmont Center.

One of the main challenges with renting spaces at the Carlmont Shopping Center is the zoning for that area, according to Pellegrini. The shopping center, unlike the businesses that surround it, can only rent space to businesses that sell products and therefore pay sales tax, he said.

The city, however, is working with Pellegrini to find a solution to that problem, he said.

And Pellegrini is confident the vacant stores will be rented quickly and said there has already been some interest in a few of the spaces.

Outta here April 23, 2011 at 03:18 PM
I'm really surprised. Every single time I've been in that location, there was a line. Most of the time, it was a very long line. I've been in the Laurelwood location twice and it was empty both times. We will really miss it being in Carlmont. I hope the shops in and around Carlmont pick up the extra business. There are so many kids and families there after school, especially on warm days.
bill April 23, 2011 at 03:21 PM
well now maybe the teens will turn to a more healthy refreshment rather than the calorie laden "juice"
Steven Tsujisaka April 23, 2011 at 05:53 PM
I heard from an employee at the Redwood Shores store talking about it closing, but I thought he was losing his mind. I can't believe it closed. How can they when so many Carlmont students go there after school? That's what doesn't make any sense to me.
kuuipo April 23, 2011 at 09:48 PM
It's sad to see yet another business shutting its doors at the Center, but for some reason that area does seem in need of revitalization; even the Safeway at that intersection looks a bit tired, particularly compared with its sibling stores a couple miles on either side of it off Ralston. Perhaps the City could participate in a co-op marketing plan involving businesses in the area. Seems like there could be great opportunity with a little more effort.
Andy Dudnick April 25, 2011 at 05:56 PM
Remember we were there for Dollar Day!
Phillip Bailey April 25, 2011 at 08:05 PM
Jamba Juice and crowds were probably NOT the reason of the closure. Possibly their corporate office had some off beat reason. I HAD heard that Jamba Juice drinks as a rule were not the healthiest but you could obvioulsy not tell that by the way they tasted and the long lines. Too bad there isn't some forewarning when these things happen. Customers could have possibly rallied to the cause? The Carlmont shopping center is pretty solid esp. with Lunardi's holding down the fort. My biggest complaint is the fragmented parking striping....somedays it is like the Indy 500 with cars either going towards each other OR thinking they can...The shopping center has an email address but they IGNORE suggestions I am sure. There is no REAL sense of "you go this way and I'll go that way" when entering the various driveways off of the Alameda. At peak hours you have to drive with your head on a swivel. There also seems to be two on site congregations over by the mortuary: A herd of Ferrel Cats and a illogical hangout for teens wishing to buy and sell.....or just congregate - but both "groups" are pretty obvious.
kuuipo May 06, 2011 at 04:38 PM
Definitely agree that the parking thought needs a re-do. It is dangerous for cars and pedestrians alike. At the very least it needs a few yield and/or stop signs and re-marking of directional arrows to reduce the likelihood of accidents. It's just dangerous...period. Hope you're right about the center being solid, but I've seen many changes over the years and it seemed old years ago. It needs a facelift! Are you listening Carlmont???
shovowali April 22, 2012 at 09:47 PM
This site is a very fine. Jamba Humour and crowds were belike NOT the cerebrate of the shutdown. Possibly their corporate power had several off stroke sanity. I HAD heard that Jamba Juice drinks as a direction were not the healthiest but you could obvioulsy not assert that by the way they tasted and the oblong lines. Too bad there isn't both forewarning when these things materialise. Customers could individual peradventure rallied to the effort? The Carlmont shopping country is pretty unvaried esp. with Lunardi's holding kill the meet. My largest disorder is the fragmented parking striping....somedays it is equivalent the Indy 500 with cars either feat towards each remaining OR cerebration they can...The shopping building has an netmail speech but they Disregard suggestions I am trustworthy. There is no Genuine sagacity of "you go this way and I'll go that way" when entry the varied driveways off of the Alameda. At visor hours you bed to repulse with your brain on a swivel. There also seems to be two on tract congregations over by the edifice: A displace of Ferrel Cats and a incoherent hangout for teens wishing to buy and delude.....or right congregate - but both "groups" are pretty plain. <a href="http://www.carlmontpharmacy.com">carlmont pharmacy</a>


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