Food News: Izzy's Now Open for Lunch

Izzy's fans have been lobbying for lunch for years.

According to Izzy's Steaks & Chops' Facebook page, the popular San Carlos restaurant is now serving lunch.

"Izzy's San Carlos Lunch Day 2 is off and running. Come join us for lunch, you will want to stay through dinner," says the restaurant's Facebook page.

One San Carlos resident told Patch that Izzy's fans have been lobbying for lunch service for years. "Monday's launch of a lunch menu is one of the hottest topics around San Carlos this week," he said.

The addition of a lunch menu is also good news for workers in Redwood Shores who now have another food option on the east side of the tracks.

Izzy's is located at 525 Skyway Rd. in San Carlos. For more information, call (650) 654-2822, or go to www.izzyssteaks.com.


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