Discount Grocery Store Coming Soon to Watsonville

'FoodMaxx' will open in the Overlook Shopping Center on November 14 of this year, replacing Save Mart.

In about five more weeks, a new discount grocery store will open in the Overlook Shopping Center, just down from Ross and Target. The grand opening is scheduled for November 14, and the community is invited to attend. 

Foodmaxx replaces the former Save Mart, and will feature a pharmacy. It is part of the privately owned and operated Save Mart Supermarkets family of stores, and the first one opened in 1989. 

"We are very excited to introduce the Watsonville community to our newly enhanced FoodMaxx store. We will be able to provide the same high quality products our shoppers enjoyed at Save Mart along with very competitive prices to help stretch their food budget," said Alicia Rockwell, Director of Public Affairs & Communications for Save Mart Supermarkets. 

According to the Save Mart Supermarkets corporation, the new grocery store will guarantee the lowest prices, with a focus on being the most inexpensive grocery store in town. 

It will compete with the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market which opened in 2010, and is located just down Main Street.

According to Save Mart Supermarkets, the new Foodmaxx will feature the same "no-frills warehouse" layout with low shelving, an open shopping pattern, and easiy in and out access complete with both self-check and manned checkstands.

Foodmaxx will also be participating in Save Mart's "SHARES" program, where organizations earn money back on their purchases by being part of the program. 

What is your favorite place to buy groceries in Watsonville? Will you shop at Foodmaxx?

Jennifer Olds October 05, 2012 at 03:18 PM
I'm a loyal Nob Hill shopper too! Like Cathy said..."Where everyone knows my name." I occasionally shopped when it was Albertsons before, if I was going to BofA if I needed a couple of things. Once it became Save Mart I found the place to feel... "dirty" is the only word that comes to mind, so I quit. (I was EXTREMELY disappointed to have BofA leave too!!) So, I guess my answer would be NO, if it's going to be the same as Save Mart like your article stated, then I definitely won't shop there.
David H. Perez October 05, 2012 at 04:06 PM
I'm another die hard Nob Hill shopper and I feel like the people who work there are family. I do sometimes go to Safeway for specialty items that Nob Hill doesn't carry, and Safeway also has some amazing wine sales. I like the seafood department at Mi Pueblo Market for selection and great prices. I went to Save Mart once and wasn't impressed. And I'm with Butch Cole - if Food Maxx does not value their employees enough to pay them decent wages and benefits, I will go somewhere else, even if it means paying a few cents extra for food.
Rosemary Anderson October 05, 2012 at 07:03 PM
I am a Safeway regular and have been a loyal shopper to the many grocery stores that have occupied the Freedom shopping center location over the past 29 years. I do not understand why our fair city does not extend a vision that includes such options as a Trader Joes and other healthy choice small eateries and such for these empty spaces? Who makes these decisions and how can residents weigh in?
David H. Perez October 05, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Boy Rosemary, I'm with you. Many of us have been screaming for a Trader Joe's for years. The city has told us in the past that Trader Joe's won't open a store here because we do not fit the average income level nor the other demographics they are looking for. That's a shame, because I think there are many people like you and I who would frequent a Trader Joe's if they opened one here, thereby keeping our money local rather than giving it to Capitola.
Longtime local gal October 06, 2012 at 04:35 AM
Every time I go to TJ's for last 5+ years I've asked "how's it going for Wats store" and get same answer. What they do is a zipcode test once a year, usually in January ... don't quote me here, but believe it's to see how many south cnty shoppers they've got coming in. Every time I tell them I wish they'd get input FROM S. Cnty shoppers because 1:how do you know which zipcode cash shoppers live in 2:zipcode of business credit card could be diff than residence 3: how many S.Cnty visits has NOTHING to do with how many visits we'd make IF THE T.J.'S WAS HERE. I stop at Grocery Outlet frequently to look for high end stuff from Whole Foods, TJ's, New Leaf, etc at very low prices. Gotta watch exp dates though, but as long as you know that it's great. I would probably do 80% of my shopping at a TJ's here. I hate Facebook but wish there was some sort of a Bring Us Trader Joe in South County page to log into online


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