Belmont Community Players: Booing is Encouraged!

Remember to "Always Wash Your Longjohns 'Cause It Makes A Lotta Sense." The melodrama continues this weekend at Barrett Community Center

The Belmont Community Players melodrama, "The Villain Wore a Dirty Shirt" or "Always Wash Your Longjohns 'Cause It Makes A Lotta Sense," opened last night to an adoring crowd at Barrett Community Center.

Complete with villains (“Boo!”), heroes, (Hurrah!), and heroines (Awww!), this year's show is the story of a laundress with a profitable secret.

This interactive, action-packed family show features entertaining actors, dancers and singers from Belmont and beyond.  Audience members are encouraged to cheer or jeer the actors and sing along with the “Olios” singers and dancers.

The show continues Saturday at 8:00 PM at Barrett Community Center in Belmont. The Show will be performed 8 times through 3 weekends: October 12-14, Oct. 19-21, 2012, and Oct. 26-27. Check the performance schedule.  

For more information, go to www.belmontcommunityplayers.org.


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