What Makes a Mavericks Class Swell?

Mavericks Invitational surf forecaster explains what perfect conditions need to come together before making "the call" for contest day.

Clean conditions, the right tide, the swell has to be from the right direction, and it has to hit during daylight hours. 

In the YouTube video above, Mavericks Invitational head forecaster Mark Sponsler of stormsurf.com describes what conditions need to come together to create a possible Mavericks contest day.

"It's actually a pretty tall order to fill," he says in the video.

To have a Mavericks class swell, Sponsler explains that you also need a big storm, a lot of wind, and it has to be aimed right at Mavericks to produce big enough seas to make a contestable swell.

Sponsler tracks the swells that form thousands of miles away from the California coast, and uses satellite technology to track their height, direction and fetch. 

Maybe on a good year you'll get 10 contestable days with these ideal big wave conditions but the reality is it takes many factors to make the perfect peaks at Mavericks, and it only happens maybe one or two days a year, explains Sponsler in the video.

There is no set date for this year's Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest. Officials are monitoring conditions, and say it looks like it could happen this Friday, Jan. 24, but like the competitors, fans will have 24-36 hours notice of the event. 

You can purchase tickets for a low price in advance of the event, or wait until "the call" and buy your tickets online or at the door. Last year’s event sold out. Click here to purchase tickets to Mavericks Viewing Festival.
Richard January 21, 2014 at 07:46 PM
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