Trash Talking With Belmont Public Works

Last week city maintenance crews picked up 340 pounds of trash between Cipriani Boulevard and Hillcrest Avenue.

Some of the trash collected along Ralston Ave. by Belmont Public Works Crews  Photo: City of Belmont
Some of the trash collected along Ralston Ave. by Belmont Public Works Crews Photo: City of Belmont
Last week, the Belmont Public Works Department's maintenance staff tackled one of the city's dirtiest little secrets---the piles of trash that muck up the storm drains along Ralston Avenue.

Crews removed 340 pounds of trash and recyclables including suitcase, lawnmower bag, several plastic bags, scrap metal and a tire rim on Ralston between between Cipriani Boulevard and Hillcrest Avenue. According to the Belmont City Manager Greg Scoles' Weekly Update newsletter, this on land cleanup is part of the city’s enhanced trash load reduction efforts required by the state for litter reduction.  

Residents are invited to participate in the trash pick-up to help make a difference in the community. To get involved with litter cleanups, report illegal dumping, or more information, go to flowstobay.org 
Marianne December 16, 2013 at 10:28 AM
I believe that Belmont residents have more pride in their city than to 'dump'. I blame the passer-thru who gets rid of his trash at a place away from his home. Finished with that cup of coffee? Roll down your car window and.....
Judi December 16, 2013 at 12:19 PM
Unfortunately, I have seen kids dropping trash on the streets & sidewalks. I think there should be an annual awareness campaign throughout the City & include the schools, and the Chamber of Commerce (to get businesses involved). I see the piles of junk in the storm-drain grates all around the Ralston & Alameda intersections... businesses should be encouraged to take responsibility for those grates & pick-up junk every week, instead of sweeping & blowing debris to the street. It is all about "awareness", and encouraging responsibility and pride.


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