Threats, Vandalism Committed Against Paula Uccelli

Phony social media accounts humiliating the Pete's Harbor owner have been created, her home vandalized, and threats made against her in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for Paula Uccelli has announced that a number of threats have been made and crimes committed against the Pete's Harbor owner in recent weeks.

In a statement issued Monday, Adam Alberti condemned phony social media accounts made in Uccelli's name, allegedly for the purpose of harassing and humiliating her, and that her home has been vandalized with dog feces recently.

He said physical threats against her safety have also been made, prompting her to call for increased security from bodyguards and the Redwood City Police Department.

"It's quite disarming to see people treat a person in this way," Alberti told Patch.

Alberti said that, recently, both phony Facebook and Twitter accounts have been created in Uccelli's name and filled with images taken of her. Captions attached to the images have said "unflattering and juvenile" comments about her, aiming to defame her.

Alberti said he was astonished to find that a few seemingly reputable organizations had "friended" the page, and he is calling upon them to condemn the actions and help them identify the perpetrators involved.

"Stealing an individual’s identity without their knowledge and defaming their character and family name is not only a disgrace, but also illegal," he said.

Acts getting worse as harbor tenants' eviction date comes Tuesday

This Tuesday, Jan. 15, is the date all Pete's Harbor tenants were given for eviction.

Alberti said, the actions against Paula Uccelli have gotten worse as the eviction date has loomed closer and closer.

Several messages by groups such as Occupy Redwood City, Peninsula Direct Action and Save Pete's Harbor have been sent out, as their efforts to try and keep the eviction from taking place have steadily increased.

Some messages indicate that Paula Uccelli and her harbormaster Giorgio Garilli plan to call the San Mateo County Sheriff and have tenants physically removed if they have not vacated before the end of the day on Tuesday.

When asked if that allegation is true, Alberti said, "The property owner will pursue legal remedies to make sure the leases are adhered to and enforced," but that he could not comment on exactly what actions would be taken.


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Lou Covey, The Local Motive February 20, 2013 at 02:50 AM
I guess today's news shows that either PDA is an outshoot of the PR team, or that this if not an invention of the team.
Alison Madden February 20, 2013 at 04:57 PM
Adam, please identify when and where you pulled this "QUPTED TEXT FROM PDA". Is that from something very old, or recently released? I already replied that I did not have advance notice and repudiated this conduct right away. Also, I think you are actually quoting it because you are insinuating that I am a public figure and that Steve and Ping's parody is fair use too? My pug got drawn into it, how lame. If you click on the pug (a dog I own) it goes to Gordon Gecko YouTube click talking about Greed is Good. Ironic that your clients are more the Wall Street types, and also ironic that you/Steve/Ping and PDA/Occupy are all saying the same things about me. That must mean I have either won, or lost. I think it's the former. And I apologize here if Ping and Steve's page has been hijacked and the content is from someone else. Which is it? At first, I assumed highjacked because I didn't think they could possibly be that unprofessional and it's not anything I've seen them do before. So tell us. Is it Singer? Ping? Steve? PDA? who did it (raccoons, hogs (spinmeister), greedy pugs (oh the horror). Please clarify. thanks
Adam Alberti February 20, 2013 at 06:25 PM
@Alison Madden--happy to clarify what I can...the qupted text from PDA was the release issued Monday that Jennifer wrote about. She included the first part of the quote in her story, but ommitted the second. It was released this Monday by PDA. I undertstand what you have said. I also understand this allegation runs counter to what you have said. I have no opinion about your statuts as a public figure or how that. I am just quoting other peoples material directly from their distributed press release presumably issued for the purpose of informing the public. I say presumably because I have not been made aware of their motives for the press release. I have never met Steve or Ping. The only sanctioned site for Pete's Harbor is http://petes-harbor.org. This URL was used because other Pete's Harbor url's were already in use. Your insinuation/question that "Singer" (holds true whether talking about the company, the person of any individual at the company) is in control of a pardoy site is as baseless and as false as the accusations made on this very thread about me creating the illegal Facebook and Twitter acccounts--allegations that were repeated as fact to the State Lands Commmission by Joseph Rossa during public comment. I wonder if Mr. Rossa was consulted in the same manner that you were prior to making those accusations of responsibility or eevn before the above denials of involvement (in the same way you did). If he did, what would the legal term for that be?
Alison Madden February 20, 2013 at 08:54 PM
Adam, wonderful. Thanks for answering. They weren't 'baseless allegations', it was a question. I deplore the content on the Steve and Ping site. I didn't think it was them, I don't know them personally but certainly feel that they have a strong and deserved reputation for professional conduct. And whatever you may think, feel, suspect or hear, so do I. Long built over many years. I desire to protect it and keep it that way. Thank you for clarifying where you saw the quote, and that you are not involved (nor is your firm) in the incredibly insulting content on the Steve/Ping page. I feel bad for them if it was highjacked; worse if it's their own. Please separate me at all times from the individuals in Occupy and PDA. They are entitled to their own opinions and processes, and their own life lessons. My path is not aligned or affiliated with theirs and they alone take sole responsibility for what they say and do. Thank you for your time.
Eggbert February 23, 2013 at 07:56 PM
Mr. Alberti finds harassment and dog feces "disarming"? dis·arm·ing (ds-ärmng) (adj.): Tending to allay suspicion or hostility; winning favor or confidence: a disarming smile I should think a deep familiarity with accurate language and the power of words would be foremost on a spokesperson's tool list.


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