The Best Blogs on Patch: Musings About Fall

Photo courtesy of Laura Hill Timpanaro
Photo courtesy of Laura Hill Timpanaro
Fall is in full swing across the country and many Patch bloggers opined on the topic this week. Here's some of the best blog posts we saw from across the country:

1. This time of year a drive in the country can be beautiful with all of the leaves turning. Blogger Beth Rosen loves it, and lamented in apost on Southbury Patch that her kids were missing out on the beauty.

Why? Because they had their heads buried in their cell phones, ipads and other tech gadgets. 
"I said, 'Oh, look how beautiful!' and when no one answered me, I had to say it loud enough and wave my arms to get my kids' attention that the deer bolted out of sight. Those tech gadgets are taking away from so much of what their brains could be soaking in on long car rides."

2. If you're looking for an easy, family craft to do, how about leaf pressing? With just some freshly fallen colorful leaves, crayons and a few sheet of paper, you can make some beautiful creations.

Blogger Laura Hill Timpanaro shared the idea on her blog on West Hartford Patch.

"It’s a great way to get kids out in the air and to pique their interest in leaves, how they are constructed and what their life-giving role is in the world."


3. Sometimes a blog post can be a simple observation on the world around them. and that's exactly what this Grayslake Patch blogger does.

In her blog Trains, Mornings and MarriageAndrea Minor shared a touching observation she saw while on the train to Chicago.

After a father ignored his son for a long period of time while on his iphone, Minor said the son's face lit up when the father then turned his attention back to him.

"Dads are such a gift to their kids, and time alone with an engaged father is so precious, especially to a son.  However, my girls have benefitted beyond words from the times they have been alone or traveled with their dad."


4. For some folks, a Patch blog can be place where you voice can be heard on a local hot-button issue.

In the case of Wyandotte Patch, reader Tracey created her ownblog to discuss issues related to dogs in the community. 

Tracey's blog was mentioned in a news article about the city looking at spaces for a dog park.


5. On East Greenwich Patch, blogger Alan Clarke also uses the blogging platform to address the needs of cemeteries his community.

Clarke's post, titled Grave Concerns, updated readers on a cleanup that took place at the East Greenwich Historic Cemetery.

"All in all, a successful day's work and one more week there should finish that one up. Everyone was energetic and cheerful, a good bunch of people and a job well done."

Patch is open platform where readers can post, comment and recommend stories on the site. Any user is welcome to blog, by going to the ‘blogs’ tab from the homepage. 


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