Olivia, Alexander, Ethan Most Popular Baby Names in San Mateo County in 2012

About half of most popular baby names for both boys and girls remain on the list each year, gaining or losing a little bit in rank.

Of the 5,582 babies born in San Mateo County last year, the most popular names for them were Olivia, Ethan and Alexander, according to data released by the county on Tuesday.

The total number of girls born in 2012 was 2,687 compared to 2,586 born the year before; the total number of boys born in 2012 was 2,895 compared to 2,790 born the year before, the data reported.

In addition, the total number of births recorded in San Mateo County in 2012 increased by 196 from the prior year.

“Olivia is the most popular name for girls. Alexander and Ethan tie for the most popular names for boys in 2012,” said Mark Church, San Mateo County’s AssessorCounty Clerk- Recorder & Chief Elections Officer.

“Many of previous year’s favorite names for both boys and girls made it into the Top 10 Names for 2012,” he said. 

Click on the attached PDF to view the most popular names in previous years in San Mateo County.


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