Happy Easter Belmont!

The elusive Easter Bunny made an egg drop in Twin Pines Park Saturday morning and hundreds of kids showed up to seek them out.

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Of the thousands of colorful eggs that were scattered around on Saturday morning, only 23 were golden.  And Rohan, a student at Belmont Oaks Academy was one of the lucky ones. Rohan's sister, Saira, had a basketful, but none were golden. 

For the hundreds of kids who showed up Saturday morning to take place in the annual finding the golden egg wasn't quite as important as gathering up as many of the colorful eco-friendly de-compostable eggs that were scattered throughout the park.

"We wanted to use eco-friendly eggs because we have a green initiative here in Belmont," explained Gwen Kong, the event's organizer.

Kong, who is the Recreational Specialist for the city's Parks and Recreation Department, asked everyone gathered for the event to greet one-another before the hunt began.

"This is a Belmont community event, and so even if you don't know each other--it's important to say 'hi'." 

This year's event featured not just an egg hunt, but a raffle, jumper houses, basketball and face-painting. 

"We wanted people to hang out in the park even though the egg hunt was over," explained Kong.

Kong expressed her appreciation to the event's sponsors.

"I'd especially like to thank , who were very generous," said Kong.

Other sponsors according to Kong include: , Bayside Dental, , ,

In addition, , Bel-Mateo Bowl, Elvia's Boutique, Mollie Stone's, , , Soccer Pro, ,and Toti Photographi contributed to the event. 

And as much fun as the kids had tracking down eggs, shooting baskets and having their faces painted, it gave parents and care-givers a chance to relax and enjoy the season's warm sun and festive vibe.

Rob Caldwell, a dad from San Carlos took full advantage of having his kids entertained in the park for a while. He pulled up a comfortable rock in the shade and read his Kindle.

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Yvonne Chan April 08, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Thank you Gwen Kong for organizing such as fun event. Our girls had such a great time! Thank you Joan for the lovely pictures for our memories too.
Joan S. Dentler (Editor) April 09, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Thank you Yvonne....yes, it was a great event and Twin PInes Park was the perfect setting! Thank you to all who allowed Belmont Patch to take their photos.


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