Grab an Extra Blanket (or the Dog), It's Going to Be Cold Tonight

Low temperatures around 34 degrees are predicted for tonight for Belmont and Redwood City.

Nellie's all set for a chilly night   Photo: Joan Dentler
Nellie's all set for a chilly night Photo: Joan Dentler
The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for late tonight across the Bay Area starting at 2 a.m. Wednesday.

A cold front will continue to sweep through the region today, Tuesday, the agency said in its alert.

In the wake of the frontal passage a cold air mass will settle into the area by late this evening and remain overhead through at least Friday morning.

Diminishing wind speeds and generally clear skies will set the stage for freezing temperatures across Bay Area valleys and mountains late tonight, the NWS said.

Even colder temperatures are then expected Wednesday night, the agency added in the alert.

In San Francisco, the NWS said, overnight temperatures are predicted near 40 degree through the duration of the cold snap. 

The freezing temperature is normally 32 degrees Fahrenheit and those temperatures are expected as low as in the mid-20s in the North Bay, East Bay and South Bay valleys.

Freezing temperatures can kill crops and sensitive vegetation, the agency explained. They can also harm pets and livestock and could cause unprotected water pipes to burst.

There is also increased risk of hypothermia for those exposed to the inclement weather such as the homeless. 

The agency's forecast for Belmont and Redwood City tonight is patchy frost after 1 a.m. with a low around 34 degrees.  Brrrr. 


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