Kudos for Ralston Plan

This is to thank the  Belmont project committee, w-tans, and alta design for your work on the Ralston Corridor Traffic Plan - and your excellent workshop presentation on April 8th.

 After reviewing the four plan sections, both online and posted before the workshop, it became clear that a huge amount of work, intelligence and creativity had gone into the proposed plan.  I also applaud the City Council members’ intelligent responses in the workshop and at the regular council meeting that followed.

Ralston is the focus of many conflicting community priorities, some being aggressively promoted by organized groups.  Your working group, both City and consultants, have done a masterful job of listening and considering all points of view – and applying your experience and expertise to develop the best possible solutions. 

You all deserve the thanks and support of the Belmont community for a job very well done.

Michael Williams

Belmont Resident




Courtney Carreras April 20, 2014 at 10:20 PM
Though I agree that a lot of work has gone into the Ralston improvement plan, there are still some big holes and inconsistencies in the plan for bikes. I have respectfully communicated my ideas and suggestions to help make this plan truly address all the users of the roadway including those who are the most vulnerable, pedestrians and bikes. I think all of us want a community where we can know our kids and neighbors can get around town safely and sanely. Ralston is a very busy thoroughfare and will remain so no matter the changes made. We all need to slow down and take more care to ensure all users can complete their travels safely no matter what their chosen mode of transportation. Be careful, be patient, Embrace the Pace! - especially during rush hours.


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