Welcome to my new blog where I will share my thoughts and learnings about various topics and issues that are facing the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District.  I welcome community feedback on the topics I blog about, and in particular if you have questions or topics you'd like me to answer or research, please let me know by sending an email to amy@advancebrssd.com.  I can only meet so many people at candidate forums and individually, but I see this blog as a way to reach a broader cross-section of the community quickly.  And we can learn from each other about what matters, what's working, and what ought to be improved.  I may also include experiences from the campaigning process so that you get a better idea of what is involved - some day you too can run for school board!

I ask that we all observe the following ground rules:
* please be respectful and avoid name calling
* every opinion is welcome - don't hold back
* stick to the topic or issue in your comments

With that, I'd like to do an introduction of myself before I dive into topics/issues.  I'm a mom of 2 sons, ages 5 and 2, and I have lived in the district for 10 years (both in Belmont and Redwood Shores).  With a BS from MIT and an MBA and MS from Stanford, my career has been focused on cutting costs while increasing job satisfaction by improving business processes.  I have managed supply plans and distribution channels to ensure that customers get their products at the right time and right place.  My expertise is in formulating strategies based on analysis of data and understanding what drives the stakeholders. 

I first got involved in the school district when my oldest was only one.  I feel that our children should become world citizens and knowing multiple languages allows us to connect more easily across cultures.  In 2009-2010, I, along with a passionate group of parents led by Alyssa Herrera-Set, advocated for a Spanish Language Immersion program that would be housed at Nesbit.  Because lack of funding was highlighted as a reason to not start the program, I decided to learn more by joining School Force's Inaugural "I'm In" campaign in 2010 and reached out to local businesses for donations and hosted a garage sale fundraiser.  Although the program was not approved by the board, we have continued to coordinate opportunities for local kids through a summer foreign language book fair and summer language camps (Spanish and Mandarin).

The following year when over-enrollment issues at Central and Cipriani led to boundary change discussions, the Alternatives Committee reached out to us to learn more about how a Language Immersion Program or really any specialized program that was housed at Nesbit might be able to naturally draw students to Nesbit from across the district to help alleviate overcrowding at other schools.  I spoke to the board again on behalf of Language Immersion, and attended several heated board meetings that year that eventually led to the No Boundaries policy.

I then had a baby in Fall 2011 and disappeared from the scene for awhile.  This year, my oldest was about to enter Kindergarten, and I interacted with the district in a whole different way through the enrollment process for new families.  My son was not assigned to his neighborhood school, and I led an effort to work with the board and co-superintendents to share our concerns about what happened, to understand why things happened the way they did, and to suggest improvements to communication and decision transparency, so that families entering for the 2014-2015 school year wouldn't have to go through what we went through.

Although I'm a new parent to the district, I'm really not new to the district.  Nor am I new to volunteerism and working in the classroom.  Both of my kids went to Little Hands Co-op Preschool in Belmont, and I learned a lot about parenting, working with kids, and running a school through that program.  I care about the education of all kids, about strengthening the bonds of the community.  That is why I am running for school board.  I want to share my passion for educating children, balancing supply and demand (school capacity and number of students), and improving operational processes with everyone in the community so that together we can change the district for the better.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions for topics of discussion, please send them to amy@advancebrssd.com.  I'll keep a running list of requested topics and rest assured, I will address it at some point.

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Amy Koo September 25, 2013 at 04:15 AM
It was never my intent to make disparaging remarks, and I acknowledge that I did make generalizations without having visited Nesbit or talked to staff and parents to understand what's happening at Nesbit. I am human, and humans are emotional creatures that can make mistakes. I am sorry that my comments have offended people, and I hope that you accept my apology. Please keep in mind that these comments were made back in April when my role was a mother looking out for my own child. I was not a school board candidate and running for school board had not crossed my mind. I made these comments under my full name and not using any aliases or initials because that has always been the type of person I am - I am transparent, accountable, and responsible for what I say and do, will acknowledge my mistakes and learn from them, and continue to approach every day with optimism and a desire to be the best person I can be. Are those not qualities that one would value in a school board member? Two months later, I did attend the Kindergarten orientation at Nesbit and stayed for the open house where I walked through all the classrooms and spoke with many teachers and staff. The Kindergarten orientation was full of families from Redwood Shores as most of us were visiting Nesbit for the first time and were eager to learn more. It would be great for people not part of the district to be aware of not just what makes Nesbit special, but what really makes every school in the district special. At the open house, I did not get to talk with current parents, PTA members, and community members. I do have a meeting planned at Alexander Park on Sat, 9/28, 3-5p, so I encourage you to come meet me there to talk face to face. I hope this can be the beginning of where we can partner to move this district forward, not backward.
CR September 25, 2013 at 04:59 AM
Hi Vivian, great point. In fact, these Nesbit parents (AP and KP in particular) aren't even making comments. I'm still waiting for the outrage from Nesbit parents to the school board (Chuck included) in their sweeping generalizations about Nesbit and Tinsley kids. Why aren't the parents upset about that?????
Maureen September 25, 2013 at 10:05 AM
I would love to see a language immersion program, GATE program, etc in the district. It would be great to have the options. I am also curious as to how the school assignments for the Tinsley participants are made and why each school doesn't get participants.
Monique Ivoted Perkins September 25, 2013 at 11:21 AM
Wow I must say that I was hoping that I heard wrong concerning the comments made by A.K. I am a Nesbit parent and I am a parent of a son who learns differently and brace yourself I am an African American woman who is married to my son's father and have been with him since we met in college.(1990) We both come from single family homes that contained hard working women who instilled in us that with EDUCATION YOU ARE ARMED FOR LIFE . So if that is what you were referring to when you said that single and hard working parents don't have an interest in their child's education you're correct because school was taught to be my first and last priority. I find it quite interesting that you would be running for a public office that will represent all however you seem to really care about the ELITE FEW.. My grandmother was born and raised in the south and I in the Midwest there SEGREGATION was/is alive and well and we all knew it that is why my family decided to move back to the bay area. (My husband born in raised in S.F) we wanted to give our son a Different experience. You may not want to continue to support your "true feelings" but you're words sound very familiar to those that felt my grandmother was not "appropriate" enough to eat, drink, or live amongst them. It sounds like the cashier who placed my change on the counter rather than touch my hand. You and your supporters can try and dissect why aren't Nesbit parents mad about this and that, the reality is you aren't Nesbit parents and you all have no idea what we have discussed in our lovely school. The fact that you were capable of spewing such ugly stereotypes about children quite frankly scares me and makes me sad for your supporters and more importantly your children. Hate and Prejudices are taught plain and simple and rather you realize it or not you are sharing your unfounded foolishness with a large group of folks. I by the way live in Redwood Shores and my neighborhood school is SandPiper I CHOSE to go to Nesbit rather than my neighborhood school and that was one of the BEST decisions I made for my family. If the point of your comments was to hurt, generalize, disrespect ,and make certain groups feel bad your MISSION is COMPLETE!! I can't see how any parent,educator, or human could say such ugly things about groups of babies (students). Money obviously can't buy you class... I am also a college graduate that taught high school until I was promoted to a full time mom to a young man who is the most intelligent,social,loving and opened minded young man who happens to learn differently. As far as the rough kids you mean the ones that get up and tackle their reading,math,science,and all their subjects that is true. If socioeconomic's determine your success lets check to see what Oprah, President Barack H Obama and millions of other folks who didn't have a lot of "start up" money. In life sometimes the lack of something becomes your motivation it doesn't equate to negative behavior. Some have it all and are negative, unproductive and dangerous. Lesson is never judge a book by its cover.. In closing let me share a very valid quote with you Ms. Koo " I may not remember what you said , or how you said it but I will never forget how your words made me feel"... I am sad that you have the Right to speak the way that you did but more importantly I'm sad that you feel that way. You are going to miss so many opportunities to meet so many beautiful souls and spirits all because they may not pass your sniff test. Shame on you ... My name is Monique Perkins and I am not only the proud parent of a child that is in an SDC CLASS but also attends Nesbit elementary school. I invite you to visit Nesbit and humbly request you stop campaigning because you need to get some sensitivity training and understand that public office reps. Should want to serve ALL not just a Few....
Monique Ivoted Perkins September 25, 2013 at 11:32 AM
The other candidates didn't say ugly things about Nesbit. The fact is who cares what one thinks to themselves or may feel its when you share it that you open the doors for others opinion.
Monique Ivoted Perkins September 25, 2013 at 11:44 AM
Funny school is one of the most positive and productive ways to help those that are in certain"socioeconomic" situations just check out the backgrounds of some of your favorite athletes,entertainers,authors,and so. Whoopi Goldberg,Bill Cosby , Albert Einstein, Michael Phelps all would have recieved services from Nesbit they are all different learners... I could share you a list of many more. SDC CELEBRITIES
AP September 25, 2013 at 12:06 PM
At Vivian and CR...while I would like to address you personally this blog is intended to be between Amy Koo and anyone who has questions directed to her. We all know this can go back and fourth for days. I simply responded to words that came directly from Amy and wanted to get a better understanding. Amy you're response is appreciated as well as the apology. I get that we're all just trying to do what's best for our kids. I guess I'll never understand why parents won't send their kids to Nesbit. Why the'll spend countless hours on trying to figure out ways to bring up the past of the school and not focus on the last 3 amazing years. In the end no matter what is said its clear as day that some people, more than others feel they're too good to attend. And that's ok that's your right but I ask that you do it respectfully, cautiously and definatley make sure that what you say your willing to say it in front of your community & public forums. I do believe that we as a District are moving ahead however they're will always be those "some" that will find delight in making sure that we Belmont/RWS stay divided. Pretty sad. But Amy I do have a questions for you. What will you do, if elected to changed the tone and negativity within our community? And now that Nesbit seems to be appealing to "most" (looks, leadership, staff,) how will you respond to people who label Nesbit as a bad school? Will you support the Nesbit community? Will you listen to our concerns or will you disregard it because of how we know you feel? What will you do to learn about Nesbit and support Nesbit without trying to change it? I guess I have a hard time wondering if you can equally support ALL the schools in our District and make unbiased decisions.
Monique Ivoted Perkins September 26, 2013 at 12:10 PM
*crickets* .... I am thankful that the vast majority of families that my family met when we relocated back to the bay area DID NOT share the thoughts of candidate Amy Koo because my wonderful,intelligent,respectable,and special needs son would not have had the opportunity to share his beautiful spirit,energy,and friendship with such a diverse and loving group of students and staff. (GO PUMAS). My son having special needs and being an African American and having a 2 parent household with an at home mom ,who is very much apart of the school on so many levels has taught his fellow students so much.( patience,understanding ,acceptance ) I could go on and on the flip side is they have taught him so many things as well. It's thinking like you Ms.Koo that make a difficult task more hard. "Sponging" "Mainstreaming " "Inclusion" are a few words you need to become familiar with amongst other words. I initially was angry when I read "your truths" but honestly my "single parent"upbringing taught me to "treat people Better than you want to be treated" " We all matter" "Kill them with kindness" "Education is your vehicle through life, choose it wisely" and "Teach one Reach one" I am Sad for you and those who share your views. I would love to hear your response in front of my son and those that come from 1 parent household and certain "socioeconomic " backgrounds.. I request that you hold a meeting with the public without knowing the questions prior to the meeting but answer them straight from your gut. Simply name the time and the place and I will be there front and center. You need to be held accountable,responsible ,and liable for your statements, especially because you are running for a public office that was designed to represent children period. My full name again is Monique Perkins Proud Puma Parent ( Live in the Shores).
Monique Ivoted Perkins September 26, 2013 at 12:29 PM
BTW my mom also taught me "choose your words wisely" meaning once you say them out loud they are open to interpretation ,scrutiny,and possibly criticism. Never disrespect another it is not necessary to speak ill of others unless you have nothing positive going on for yourself, and you want to deflect from your inadequacies and "short -comings" You Ms.Koo should be ashamed of your previous comments and more importantly that you FEEL THAT WAY. Why would you want to run for a position that you are "suppose" to be open-minded and representing all our students? When it is clear you have your own PERSONAL PREJUDICES AND AGENDA which is a direct conflict of interest. If this were a jury duty summons you would be dismissed, I think you should be Removed from the race. The world has enough "ugly thoughts" and people who share your views!! We don't need ANYMORE FOOLISHNESS!!!! All kids ARE SPECIAL AND LEARN DIFFERENTLY...MONEY CAN'T BUY THE IMPORTANT THINGS (VALUES,LOVE,RESPECT,PRIDE,PATIENCE,UNDERSTANDING..) Shame on You....Ms.Koo....
FB September 26, 2013 at 12:53 PM
Wow. This has been quite the eye-opener for me. I'm a five year resident of Redwood Shores and I have three kids. Only one of them went to Sandpiper even though I literally live across the street from the school. Why only one child? Because my other two have special needs. At the time, Sandpiper had no SDC, so I had to drive to Fox and back every day for two years. I didn't complain. In fact, I was given every impression that my child's school's location had ZERO to do with anything. I had to agree because really, as long as my kids get the best education and support possible, I would drive to the moon everyday. But now I'm hearing that children may have been robbed of the opportunity to stay close to home, to form lasting friendships and a whole list of things that would needlessly deprive them a good upbringing. Okay, then. I can agree with that wholeheartedly! Amy, can you arrange for my son, who is seven, non-verbal and not potty-trained, to attend Sandpiper with round-the-clock 1:1 intensive, disability-modified instruction and ALL the equipment and supplies he needs for OT, ST, and behavior therapy? Because I would love to just walk him to school. Thanks! Oh wait, you wanted all the SpEd rooms gone from Redwood Shores. Well, no worries. My kids already vacated their two spots at Sandpiper just for you. So...can I sue to get my taxes back for that? Or does it only apply to...how should I put this..."non rougher element" children? "Less abrasive" children? Sorry, I'm not fluent in Double Speak. Oh but your "grieving process" caused you to say things you maybe, sorta, should not have said. Grief because your child was placed at a school that is geographically closer to you than any other school. Okay, if that generates "grief" for you, how would you react to, say, an actual catastrophe? Long story short, I think you lack the mental fortitude and maturity for this job. @Vivian: thanks for confirming what I've always suspected. Most people in Redwood Shores are elitists, they just don't scream about it on the internet like your friend Amy. I'm glad you brought it up though because now I won't vote for ANY of the candidates from RWS. You made my decision easier, so thanks for that. :D
Amy Koo September 26, 2013 at 01:26 PM
All, many of these comments were made because we were trying to figure out what happened to lead to the rejection of the 4th Kindergarten class at Sandpiper at the Mar 21st board meeting. It is not common for a Board to reject a district recommendation unless there is solid rationale behind it. Because we were not getting answers and there was no transparency for rationale, we put everything on the table as possible reasons why things happened the way they did. I encourage all of you to come to Alexander Park this Sat, 9/28, 3-5p to meet and talk with me face to face. The full story is too long to get into via a blog post and comments. Regarding other questions that people have asked, I will try to address them in a separate blog post rather than within the comments.
DH September 26, 2013 at 02:03 PM
Amy, I think you are missing the big picture here! The damage is done from your comments. It doesn't matter if they were made 4 months ago or yesterday; the fact is they came from you. Amy, your comments were not kind, they were assumptive and discriminatory on many levels. You can apologize and provide reasoning as to why you said the things you did, but it doesn't matter! Although the invite for this weekend is a nice gesture, no one wants to hear you back peddle in your attempt to prove why you are a good candidate for the board, when it is so blatantly obvious that you are not! And, one more question? Why do you feel the need to address comments on a separate blog? Supporters or the lack there of, will find your statements and comment there too! Amy, politics in it self is difficult and every word that comes from you will be dissected; especially when it involves our children. My advice is that moving forward, be careful what you say. Think about your words and put your self in your audiences shoes before you say or post something. If you do that, they would probably be no need to start another blog.
KP September 26, 2013 at 02:25 PM
Hi Amy, I would love to speak with you in person on Sat. However, I had major surgery on Tues and am in fact still in the hospital. I really just wanted to get a better understanding of the type of person that you are and not base my decision solely on a few comments you had made. I was hopeful that you would be able to provide a logical explanation for your seemingly elitist and hateful comments. I look forward to meeting you at a future time as you don't seem willing to answer my questions on this blog. As for now my votes will probably fall in line with the Belmont-Redwood Shores Faculty Assoc. endorsements of Velschow, Nishimoto and Bhopale. I have worked with Chuck and his wife Faith on the measure U campaign and know that he is an honest, open minded and good person. Thank you, Kim
FB September 27, 2013 at 05:23 PM
Alexander Park, hmmm. That's kind of a long drive from Redwood Shores. I don't like going any further east than the Hobee's. Even in broad daylight, you never know! Seriously, Amy, I've been a special needs parent for 9 years now. I've seen and heard so many ignorant things in that time. I gotta say, your flippant suggestion that special education simply be ejected from your school site of choice because it takes up precious space meant for your child is just callous and hurtful. Don't think for a minute you will ever live that comment down. We in the special needs community are a tight-knit group and we have the collective memory of an elephant. And guess what? We have no neighborhood school and we never will. We manage to keep ourselves involved and active within our respective classrooms and school assignments just fine. PLUS we have kids who are not exactly a cake walk to raise. What you need, Amy, is some perspective and a serious boost of compassion.
Monique Ivoted Perkins September 28, 2013 at 11:59 AM
Ms.Koo let me be clear. I don't really care how you truly feel because that only you can change. What bothers me is you have THE NERVE to run for a PUBLIC OFFICE THAT IS DESIGNED TO REPRESENT ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL CHILDREN. I am going to ASSUME that your family were not ORIGINAL SETTLERS of this land!! The ironic thing is that there are people who "think like you" that feel strongly that folks that look as you do should not have been allowed to go to school with their children but thank God for his mercy , those folks did not get to determine your future nor will YOU MS.KOO Determine our childs educational career based on your own simple stereotypical and disrespectful feelings. You need to do us all a Favor and drop out of the race. Our President Mr. Barack H Obama was raised in the same household as I , how did he attend school graduate go to HARVARD and so on ? According to you that would not have been a possibility. I am offended , irritated, and insulted as is my 11 year old son . I Monique Perkins want you to UNDERSTAND that you owe many people an explanation not a Pre-Authorized Q & A. My son and any other group you managed to humiliate and insult deserve a meeting with you so that you can speak directly to our children and families. You hurt my sons feelings you had him questioning if he was GOOD ENOUGH to go to school with "OTHERS". You made a BIG MISTAKE just as you have decided to speak "your truths" I will continue to REMIND YOU AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS YOU THAT YOU INSULTED BABIES AND GODS WORK!!! God created ALL even You Ms.Koo some of us were given extra this and extra that and some of us simply lack the important things. (love,acceptance ,compassion, understanding, nurturing and patience ) My son may learn differently and much slower than most but he Loves,accepts and understands what is really important that is Living the life that God blessed you with no matter what the cards may be. You can never loose if you never stop trying and that is what my son (family) does EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am WORRIED that you have these feelings and sad for you and I am going to pray that you see the error in your ways try and make ammends. Please withdraw from the race sign up for some sensitivity trainings go visit some "disadvantaged" youth donate to a charity and get yourself together. Please stop allowing your signs to be erected all over the place especially on public property it kind of looks like trash and graffiti and quite frankly it upsets my Special Needs son because he is aware of the things you have stated . I am going to again request that you make arrangements to visit with what you feel are the "UNDESIRABLES" . I know I Qualify as do my child according to your statements so Ms.Koo ....What are you going to do????? Proud Parent of A SDC CHILD ...GO PUMAS
Monique Ivoted Perkins September 28, 2013 at 04:56 PM
*crickets* .......Patiently waiting for a meeting ...IEP CARRYING. FAMILY!
Mike Talbot September 28, 2013 at 09:32 PM
Monique, you sound like a bully. Amy has commented regarding her comments and apologized. So, if there's nothing Amy can say or do to change your mind, that's fine. Don't vote for her come Nov. But, please, to insult her tie and time again really is unnecessary. You are doing exactly what you've asked Amy not to do, you're judging Amy on comments she made and apologized for. If you are really interested in this race, take the time to get to know her. Or not, but STOP with your rants. Vote for another candidate. Whatever happened to forgive and forget? According to you, there's nothing Amy can say or do for you. Fine, you clearly can't forgive and forget. So, don't be a hypocrite and say things about god. Your rants don't even make sense. And to tell her to drop out of the race is uncalled for. You've made your position clear, what else do you want? You want to bully Amy out of the race? Is that what will make you happy? Vote to show your voice instead of bullying somebody...
Conservative Liberal September 28, 2013 at 11:46 PM
I told myself, James, don't do it, this vitriol is beyond your contrarian nature,... But I never listen to myself anyway. I'll try to keep it positive: 1) I have to admire Ms. Koo's bravery for this blog post and opening herself up for criticism. Isn't that what people want from board members? To be able to communicate directly with them & get a response back? 2) She didn't delete or block anyone, and even apologized for her prior comments. 3) I don't see other candidates doing the same thing and inviting direct feedback. 4) She's Obviously "listening", who knows, she might actually make a good board member and a champion for the Nesbit community. Who knows.... Mike Talbot hit the nail squarely on this one. Makes me wonder about bullying in school. Tist tist.
Mike Talbot September 29, 2013 at 01:31 AM
Thanks for the comments conservative liberal. I agree, all this hate for a school board race. I've heard other members (at least 2 other candidates) have gotten threatening calls (ie. I know where you live"). Please, let's stop the hate and bullying! All these board members care about the same thing, education for children. They wouldn't be spending their time and money on this race if they didn't. So, for all those haters out there, please keep this discussion civil. If you have feedback and comments, that's one thing, but this bullying is really uncalled for.
KP September 29, 2013 at 01:47 PM
Amy and Herb have ONE objective and that is to “take control of the school district” and that is according to their very own campaign video. The arrogance in that one statement is enough to make me question their motives. Amy’s previous public rants, I believe, are a window into her soul. And I do not like what I see. Amy went further trying to excuse or explain her ignorant comments than she did actually apologizing so I am not convinced that she actually has a grasp of how ignorant, racist and elitist her words are. I would hate to hear what she says in private if she is this discriminatory in public. I have never been a school board member nor do I work for the district. I am simply a very involved parent and volunteer. The questions asked by Amy and Herb in their campaign video are LAUGHABLE because it proves to me that neither one have been involved in any way on ANY level until now. I can answer every question that they pose in their video based simply on my 12 years as a parent. You see I have been active in the PTA, with School Force and have a relationship with current and past school board members. I have attended school board meetings and had conversations at the ball field and in the supermarket because I care about the district as a whole. I love my two children more than life itself and want nothing but the very best for them but I am not blind to the fact that they are not the only two children in the district. I didn’t wait until I was “pissed off” to get involved. Their lack of knowledge is frightening and I am convinced that they are running for very dishonorable motives. I believe what we have here are two candidates that are WRONG for BRSSD. We need board members who are passionate about doing their very best for every school, child, teacher and staff member in the district. We need board members who have previously been involved within the district. We need board members who are not out to fulfill a personal crusade. We need board members who have a firm grasp of how the district functions. We need board members who are open minded and inclusive. We need board members who are level headed and fair and we need board members who can actually face criticism and back up their actions. Thank you, Kim
CR September 29, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Hi Maureen, I totally agree with you. GATE, language immersion, etc would be great for the district. Amy and a core set of parents pushed for a language immersion years ago. They were unsuccessful. As a candidate, I've spoken to Amy many times, and her point is we need these programs and she would push for these programs. What would naturally happen is parents who are interested in these programs would flock to a particular school. Again, College Park is a great example. College Park was a school that was under utilized and attendance was low. Now, you can't even get into College Park and the wait list is long. All because of a language immersion program. I'm hoping that the new super, who has a lot of experience with language immersion during his time in Palo Alto, will feel the same way. The incumbent/current board member have had many years to fix this Belmont/RWS enrollment issue and Chuck has NOT done one thing. Except pass a controversial no boundaries policy that opens up the district to lawsuits. As for Tinsley, the way BRSSD has placed the Tinsley kids are also illegal. Per California Education Code, Tinsley kids CANNOT displace neighborhood kids. And that's a great question Maureen, why does only Nesbit, RWSE and Sandpiper get Tinsley kids. Shouldn't they be distributed equally throughout the district? If the no boundaries were applied to Tinsley kids, they would go to 1) Nesbit 2) Central and 3) Sandpiper.
CR September 29, 2013 at 02:33 PM
Hi KP, we currently have 7 candidates running for school board, really unprecedented in history. Prior elections were uncontested and whoever ran basically got a seat (I believe Kaul and Stalberg. I think Chuck was also elected, but not sure). So, clearly, a lot of people are unhappy with the way things have happened (school assignments, revolving door of Principals at various schools, the court case against a school employe molesting students, etc, etc). So, one thing that is great about this upcoming election is we have options. We all have choices and can go vote in this matter. I would love to see NEW board members elected this Nov.
KP September 29, 2013 at 02:39 PM
Let's get real! It is preposterous that Amy and her supporters continue to push the lie that she was instrumental or a leader in the language immersion program push years back. I remember very well that entire fiasco and Amy Koo was no more a leading member of the language immersion program than I was. I supported the language immersion program back then but I fully understood the school boards decision to not move forward due to financial restraints. Just because you support an idea does not mean you get to go back and years later claim that you were one of the handful of very dedicated parents that worked countless hours and slap it our your "resume". Facts are facts and Amy Koo has was not involved in any real way on any leadership level in this school district until she was "pissed off".
Justin September 29, 2013 at 04:55 PM
KP--Can you please give us the website for this video you're referring to? I need to see it!
KP September 29, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Hi Justin, The video is on Amy's campaign website. It is a you tube video titled something like "support Amy Koo and Herb Neumann"
KP September 29, 2013 at 06:10 PM
Amy, if you are elected to the school board how would you fund a language immersion or GATE program. Also, please explain what experience you have in balancing a complex school board budget. Thank you
Mike Talbot October 05, 2013 at 07:51 PM
KP, that's absolutely ridiculous. You're asking what experience she has balancing a complex school board budget? Have you asked your other candidates the same question? The answer is all the same, NONE. Nobody, except Chuck has served on a school board. But, please, Amy works as a supply chain manager balancing supply and demand each and every day. Anybody who has exposure to full P/L responsibilities can do it. It's the same exact thing. In fact, anybody who balances a check book can do it. The basic rules of economics, you don't spend more than you make.
Concerned Dad October 30, 2013 at 09:20 PM
Amy, I have a question for you? I noticed that you are in favor of Measure R, which is great and is important. How can you run with a person who is so dead against Measure R?
Amy Koo October 31, 2013 at 01:40 AM
Herb and I are campaigning together primarily to reach more people with the same amount of resources. We do not share all perspectives (e.g. he is against Measure R, and I am for Measure R), however, we are aligned in the fact that we want to make sure tax dollars are spent wisely. My support of Measure R has a different rationale than those of other candidates. The reason to pass it is not because you don't want to punish the kids, the reason to pass it is because it creates funding stability which will then allow the new school board and the new superintendent to focus their efforts on solving the critical issues facing the district. We already have enough balls being juggled in the air, we don't need funding uncertainty to add to the mix - also a lot of money has been sunk into this campaign, if it doesn't pass, we have to sink yet more money into future parcel tax campaigns. I feel we can pass Measure R and make change by voting in board members who are committed to change; however, there are many people who feel the board / district have to demonstrate change first before voting for a parcel tax.
Mike Talbot October 31, 2013 at 10:38 AM
Thanks for your response Amy. I've gone back and forth on Measure R and last night finally decided No. But, after reading your response, I'm back on the fence.


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